Ein Jahr lang hat Christian Sporer in Milwaukee (USA) an der Marquette University studiert. Milwaukee liegt direkt am Michigan See ca. 1,5 Autostunden von Chicago entfernt.

Der Erfolg kann sich sehen lassen. Zweimal wurde er auf der Dean's list als ausgezeichneter Student erwähnt. Das zweite Semester konnte er sogar mit einem GPA von 4.0 abschließen. Dies wäre equivalent zu einem Notendurchschnitt von 1.0 in unserem Studium.

International Trade

Sources, patterns, and welfare implications of international trade. Empirical investigations of traditional trade theories. Arguments for and impact of commercial policies. Trade effects of economic growth. Imperfect competition and intra-industry trade as alternatives to traditional theories and views.

International Currency Markets

Examination of various foreign exchange markets, including the spot, forward, futures and options markets. Risk, pricing and arbitrage procedures for cash and portfolio managers. Exchange rate management, structure of the international financial architecture, and the determination of exchange rates and the balance of payments. The role and practice of global financial intermediaries.

Introduction to Mathematical Economics

Principles and methods of corporate finance, valuation, analysis and management. Planning and controlling funds for liquidity and profitability. Introduction to the financial markets and instruments available to corporations and individuals. Emphasis placed on the framework and methodology involved in financial decision making.

International Finance

This course looks at financial decision making in an international context. Global financial markets and foreign currency issues will be studied along with the international financing and capital investments.

Introduction to Financial Derivatives

This course will focus on the mechanics, pricing and use of financial derivatives, including futures contracts, options, swaps, collateralized securities, Treasury Bond, Eurodollar, and S&P 500 Index futures contracts will be discussed in detail. Stock options and index options also will be discussed. Important pricing models including Black-Scholes and the Binomial Option Pricing Model also will be discussed. Risk management using these instruments will be emphasized.

Information Systems Analysis

Covers the early stages of the systems development life cycle. Focus is on derivation of logical system specifications from information needs. Topics include: problem formulation, requirements definition, JADS, RADS, data flow diagrams, the role of the systems analyst, data and process modeling, techniquesfor investigation, logical system design, tools for system representation, business process reengineering (BPR), and cost/benefit analysis. Students will begin on a project that will continue in Information Systems Design and Implementation.

Information Systems Design and Implementation

Covers the principles, techniques and problems involved in the design of information technology. Focus is on the transformation of logical systems specifications to a working prototype. Detailed study of information systems outputs, files, inputs, controls, terminal dialogues, procedures, documentation, program specifications, hardware and software selection, testing, system implementation and system maintenance. Students will continue the project begun in Information Systems Analysis: systems development tools will be used.

International Management

Present and future trends in the international commercial arena. The course examines international trading trends for major sectors of the U.S. economy. This course differentiates international from domestic management.


MMag. Christian Sporer